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Ed Jones joins the 500 club

Congratulations to Dr. Ed Jones on his 500th climb of Mount Le Conte.

Jones, a physician for the Veterans Administration, is just the 15th person to reach that milestone, based on the records we have compiled here at He has made 13 climbs in 2023.

Five hundred is a rare milestone, reached only four times in this century, three of those by longtime members of the LeConte Lodge crew.

The LeConte record is held by Ron Valentine, who had about 3,000 ascents.

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Tour de Le Conte: The first teams to complete the Tour de Le Conte this season overcame challenging conditions on the Brushy Mountain trai, which had been inaccessible most of the winter because of road damage in Greenbrier.

On April 29-30, Lauren Keeton, Christine Miller, Savanna Hoview, and Jessie Martin hiked 45.3 miles in 22 hours and four minutes. They started at 4:08 a.m. on Brushy, which was overgrown and blocked occassionally by downed trees. Then they went down Boulevard, up Alum, down Bullhead, up Rainbow, and down Trillium, finishing at 2:12 a.m. This was the first time that Miller and Hovies have climbed Le Conte.

On April 7, John Mason, David Reynolds, and Andrew McDonald completing 48.1 miles in 23:30. Starting at Cherokee Orchard, they went up Rainbow, down Boulevard, up Alum, down Bullhead, up Trillium, and down Brushy Mountain, including extra mileage along Porters Creek down to Greenbrier Ranger Station.

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