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Tom Layton

If you look for hiking records on the LeConte Lodge’s website, you will read that there is “no official registry” for these accomplishments. aims to be the unofficial record book for Le Conte hikers.

The honor roll represents years of my research.


My name is Tom Layton, and I am a former sportswriter who used to assemble honor rolls for high school athletes in South Carolina. After my 2012 hike to LeConte Lodge, I decided to try to compile an honor roll for Le Conte hikers

I started with a blog,, and in 2021 I launched to make these records more accessible, especially on mobile devices. As the website has developed, I’ve added an online logbook that includes everyone who signs in at the Lodge with at least 20 ascents, plus pages for annual leaders, the Tour de Le Conte, the Vertical Mile Challenge, and various records that I have accumulated. is still on the web, and though I no longer update the honor roll or logbook there, it still features stories about some of Le Conte’s most renowned hikers.

I strive to keep updated daily. If you or someone you know should be listed on the honor roll or in the records, please email I am especially grateful to hikers who email snapshots of the Lodge logbook–these are so helpful in making sure the records are as complete as possible.


I am thankful to those who send snapshots of the Logbook pages–this website wouldn’t be possible without your contributions. Many of my older records come from the personal logbooks of Ed Wright, Paul Dinwiddie, and Margaret Stevenson. Special thanks to Ash Walsh for expert assistance with web design and database management; and to Lodge manager John Northrup for providing access to old Logbooks.

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