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'Non-Stop Scott' Makes 5th Tour

For the fifth time in three years, Scott Anderson has hiked all of Mount Le Conte's trails in a 24-hour span. He's now the all-time leader in Tour de Le Conte completions, surpassing John Northrup.

Scott does his tours "unsupported," which means that he has to retrace some of his steps to get back to his starting point.

Starting at 10 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, he climbed the Alum Cave Trail, descended the Boulevard, and rode a pre-positioned bike back to his car. Then he drove to Cherokee Orchard, from where he climbed Rainbow, descended Bullhead, climbed Trillium Gap, and descended Brushy Mountain, reaching the Greenbrier trailhead in 19:27. Then he had to climb Brushy and rehike Trillium to return to his car. That's a total of 59.3 miles. Photos.

Scott counts 15 Le Conte ascents. He's never made a single day trip. The only times he's climbed the mountain were during his tours.

Northrup recently made five trips in 72 hours but has not reported a full tour since two in 2015. His previous tours were in 2010 and 2014


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