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Milestones by the Hundreds

Bill Yeadon (in bandana) with family and friends.

Congratulations to Bill Yeadon for achieving his goal of 100 hikes by age 75. Bill drove down from Indianapolis and climbed the Alum Cave Trail on August 5 with a group of friends and family members.

The honor roll now includes more than 100 individuals who have reported or estimated at least 100 hikes up Mount Le Conte.

Topping the list is Ron Valentine of Gatlinburg, who recently shared his hiking records with us. He lost his early hiking records in a fire but conservatively estimates he has over 3,000 climbs. Ron has documented 1,183 ascents since 1999. He is among six men who have at least a thousand climbs. Another 11 have recorded 500 ascents, including Dr. Ed Jones this year.

Lodge manager John Northrup and day-hiker Larry Russell have logged their 400th ascents this summer.


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