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Month after Month after Month

Only three hikers have reported ascents of Mount Le Conte in 100 consecutive months.

Paul Dinwiddie was the first with 155 consecutive months from April 1981 until June 1992, when surgery side-tracked him for almost a year.

Ed Wright broke Dinwiddie's record with 160 consecutive months, from August 1986 through November 2000. Wright didn't even miss a month in 1999 when he had heart surgery.

LeConte Lodge manager John Northrup recently joined the club by extending his streak to 101 consecutive months since January 2016. John's first hike of May gave him 460 lifetime ascents. Wright retired with 1,310 and Dinwiddie 750.

Ron Valentine probably had a long streak of consecutive months, but the records of his early years were lost in a fire. In his later years, Valentine avoided winter hikes, and his longest streak since 2000 was 59 months.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The records page and some others (Tour de Le Conte and vertical mile) have not been updated lately, because of some website issues. I am tracking these offline and hope to get those pages updated after our site redesign is completed.


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